Responsible and innovative

Our Vision

To inspire the world around us to consciously and responsibly consume, reducing unnecessary waste with a fierce commitment to innovation and repurposing.

We’re in the responsible consumption business.

For years we thought we were in the garbage business. Obviously, it’s in our name. As we grew and matured as a company, we came to realize that what we’re really in is the consumption business.
We think deeply about what we do. We are concerned about the future of your disposed items. Will it end up in a landfill? Can it take on new life as something else? How can it be creatively reused or repurposed?
As we continued to think about waste, we naturally started to care about what we were buying as consumers. Where did our clothes come from? How much waste was created as a by-product of its production? Where did our food come from? Was it sourced responsibly?
When we’re not picking up “trash”, we’re hiking, fishing, surfing, snowboarding, and mountain biking. We’re outdoors enjoying our beautiful environment with our friends and our families. These adventures always reinforce our growing concern for our environment.

We are in the consumption business. Responsible, ethical, intentional consumption. We just happen to pick up garbage.

We’re Hippies at Heart

Help us on our mission to make the earth better.