Free Electronics Recycling Program

Working With Our Community
to Keep Electronic Waste Out of Our Landfills

The Garbage Man is ready to help you dispose of unwanted electronics. We provide options for residents of Edmonton, Sherwood Park and surrounding communities to responsibly recycle unwanted technology equipment.

Photo by Ann Kathrin Bopp on Unsplash

Electronics Recycling Services

Electronics Pick Up

We offer free pick up for a minimum of ten pieces from homes and offices in Edmonton and the surrounding area.

Electronics Bin

Whether you need a temporary bin or a permanent onsite bin, we can deliver one to your location, free of charge.

Electronics Recycling Event

We have community recycling events throughout the year. Sign up and get a reminder for our next event, or contact us to set up a free event for your neighbourhood.

Did You Know That TGM Waste Has a Number of Free School and Community Programs?

What Do We Recycle?


This includes servers, desktop computers, laptops, and notebooks.


This includes LED, LCD, CRT and tube monitors and televisions.


Any small appliance can be recycled for a nominal fee. Please inquire!


This includes printers, scanners, fax machines, telephones, keyboards, mice, speakers, cables, and wiring.


This includes cell phones, tablets (e.g. iPads), iPods, MP3 players, Walkman’s, Gameboys, PSPs, etc.


This includes projectors, speakers, sound systems, VCR, DVD, Blue-Ray players, receivers, video game consoles.

Learn More About Electronics Recycling

TGM has partnered with several companies that specialize in breaking down electronics safely for both humans and the environment. Materials are sorted into metals and plastics and recycled in the appropriate recycling stream.

TGM recycles electronics for households, multi-family buildings, offices and businesses, schools, institutions, and government agencies.

In the US, each person throws away an average of 50 pounds of electronics every year. In Canada, electronic waste has nearly tripled in the last four years, according to a study by Statistics Canada. Canadian households report that about 17% of old electronics are collecting dust at home. There is a lot of work to do.

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