Electronics Recycling Community and Education Programs


This is the first generation that will go through 5-8 personal devices before they reach the age of 10. TGM offers a recycling engagement program for schools in Edmonton and surrounding area, and will provide a fun guest talk on the lifecycle of electronics. TGM can work with educators to build class contests, set up games, and create enhanced content. Our school engagement program is free for any local schools in Edmonton and surrounding community. Contact us for more information.


TGM works with community leagues to set up a community electronics round-up where residents can drop off unwanted electronics. We provide the recycling bin and even help you promote your community recycling event, all for free.


Condo boards, condo associations, and property managers can contact TGM to set up a round-up program. We set up a secure collection location within the building, and provide the electronic recycling bin.

Work with TGM to set up a community program for your neighbourhood or school.