Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Pay As You Throw garbage solution?

The Pay As You Throw or PayT garbage pricing model is designed to inspire conscious decisions about the amount of waste that is produced. This approach to waste collection provides a simple low-cost solution week-to-week, while allowing our clients the flexibility to distribute their waste as they see fit across their quarterly billing period. If you have a busy quarter or need to do a spring clean, no problem! We track your usage and any additional garbage bags over the quarterly limit will be billed at $2.00/bag.

How did you come up with a limit of 5 bags of garbage per week as your standard service?

The number of bags included in our standard service is based on the average waste generated by acreages or rural single-family homes. Approximately 90% of homes will produce five bags of garbage per week. Our program is designed to offer the lowest cost service for most acreage and rural clients while offering flexible solutions for instances when more waste is generated.

Some weeks we will have more than five bags, but other weeks we have less. How does that work?

You can distribute your weekly average as needed across the quarterly billing period, up to 60 standard garbage bags per quarter.

What is considered a “bag” of garbage?

A “bag” of garbage is considered one standard-sized black garbage bag weighing 44lbs or less. We will accept oversized garbage bags (within reason) provided they are under the 44lb weight limit. For equivalency, we will consider two white “kitchen catcher” bags equal to one standard garbage bag. If grocery bags or odd-sized bags are used, the equivalency will be left to the discretion of your garbage collector. To avoid discrepancy, we encourage the use of standard-sized garbage bags.

Is there a limit on my recycling?

No, there is no limit on recycling provided the items are permissible and correctly sorted. There have been significant changes in recycling and significant cost increases to garbage collectors. Despite this, TGM has managed to maintain our current level of recycling services for county residences.

What do you recycle?

We work with the City of Edmonton and follow the same rules when it comes to recycling. For a reminder of what goes into your blue bag, visit the City of Edmonton website.

Do you offer organic waste collection?

For several years, TGM has employed a waste diversion strategy that includes organic matter. We have partnered with the City of Edmonton’s waste processing facility where they can process organic matter directly out of the garbage. Our acreage or rural residents can either continue to compost organic matter at home or be assured that TGM only uses waste processing facilities capable of pre-processing organic waste directly out of the garbage stream.

What if we are away for extended periods or travel over the winter months?

We can make changes to the timing of your service. If you are going to be away (or go away often), please contact us and we can discuss the best program to suit your needs.

How much does it cost to have you pick up my garbage?

The cost for service is based on your location. Please contact us for a quote.

What if I own a farm or business and consistently have a large quantity of garbage? Or we always use less than 5 bags of garbage per week?

TGM offers customized programs to deal with many unique waste collection needs. Please contact us and we can discuss the best program to suit your needs.

How does TGM’s cost or service compare to other service options?

With over 26 years of experience specifically in acreage and rural waste collection, we have designed a program that offers the best, most cost-effective solutions for our clients. In our experience, the needs of our acreage and rural homeowners are different from those living in more densely populated urban centres like Sherwood Park or Edmonton.

Our waste collection service offers the lowest per-bag rate without limiting you to a fixed number of bags per week. TGM is focused exclusively on waste collection for acreage and rural residences, and offers simple, environmentally-conscious collection services at the lowest possible cost. Give us a call to learn why we are the preferred choice for acreage and rural clients.

Contact us to join our residential disposal and recycling program.